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Forbury Gardens

Enjoy a gentle walk around the English Heritage Grade 2 listed Forbury Gardens in the centre of Reading.

Come and hear about;

  • The Maiwand Lion and why it is in Reading

  • Why one particular oak tree has a protective fence around it

  • How the gardens have had a similar use for over 900 years

  • Why did a group of volunteers from Reading go to Spain in the 1930's and what did they do there

  • What happened in the gardens during the English Civil War in 1643

  • What is the memorial erected by Dr Jamieson B. Hurry 

Tour starts from the bandstand in Forbury Gardens (What3Words location - leader.healthier.swift)

Amount of walking - approximately 0..2 miles

Length of time - approximately 1 hour

Tour finishes in Forbury Gardens

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